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Charles Gayle, Jackson Krall, Albey Balgochian, Art in the Parks, NYC, 2009 Laurel Tintendo, dance, Michael Wimberley, percussion, Nioka Workman, cello. Francois Grillot, Hilliard Greene and Albey Balgochian at Blue Mondays, Brooklyn, NY JGeorge Garzone, John Lockwood, Bob Gullotti. Brian Groder, Dave Ross, Albey Balgochian
Steve Dalachinsky Steve Swell Francois Grillot, Hilliard Greene, albey Balgochian, Harlem, 2009 Dom Minasi, Jackson Krall, Albey Balgochian, Art in the Parks, NYC, 2009. Joe Fonda.
Saco Yasuma, Amir Bey, Ras Moshe, Lou Grassi, Dave Ross, Chris Sullivan, 2008 Cecil Taylor, Jackson Krall, Albey Balgochian Video art soundtrack Albey Balgochian Joe Fonda, Michael Jeffry Stevens, Harvey Sorgen. Rest in Peace Jr Medlow
Lisle Ellis Saco Yasuma, Shoshke-Rayzle, Albey Balgochian, Living Theatre Marshall Allen from the SunRa Arkestra. Charles Mingus and Mingus Min Charles Mingus and Mingus Min
Brian Groder, Ken Filiano, Francois Grillot, Albey BAlgochian,  Jane Grenier, Shoshke-Rayzl, Gerard Faroux Lisle Ellis, bass and electronics Eric Zimmerman

Go Fund Me Campaign to Restore my Smile!
Dear Friends and Fans of Abop TV,
If you have enjoyed any of the music on Aboptv I would be most grateful if you would consider donating the price of a fancy cup of coffee to my "re-build my smile" campaign. A labor of love, we were the first site to broadcast music videos online. To this day it remains commercial free!
I am writing today because I need your help, I am on a quest to get my smile back, and I hope you will consider this poet's cause. Having "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities" (MCS) for the past 30 years has wreaked havoc with my dental health and as a result I am loosing my teeth and my smile. My MCS limits my medical options but after several years of diligent searching I have found a doctor that can help me with my "unique MCS" dental issues. The fee for his service is quite overwhelming, but with the support of all of you that have watched Abop tv, step by step I will overcome this next obstacle. Every little bit helps (GoFundMe's minimum is $5) but if a contribution is not possible you can still support the cause by spreading the word.
Poetry, Music, Dance make everything happen,with your help I will get my smile back.

Thank you.
With Gratitude,
Peace & Love,


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