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Charles Gayle, Jackson Krall, Albey Balgochian, Art in the Parks, NYC, 2009 Laurel Tintendo, dance, Michael Wimberley, percussion, Nioka Workman, cello. Francois Grillot, Hilliard Greene and Albey Balgochian at Blue Mondays, Brooklyn, NY JGeorge Garzone, John Lockwood, Bob Gullotti.
Brian Groder, Dave Ross, Albey Balgochian
Steve Dalachinsky Saco Yasuma, Shoshke-Rayzle, Albey Balgochian Steve Swell Francois Grillot, Hilliard Greene, albey Balgochian, Harlem, 2009 Dom Minasi, Jackson Krall, Albey Balgochian, Art in the Parks, NYC, 2009.
Saco Yasuma, Amir Bey, Ras Moshe, Lou Grassi, Dave Ross, Chris Sullivan, 2008 Cecil Taylor, Jackson Krall, Albey Balgochian Video art soundtrack Albey Balgochian Rest in Peace Jr Medlow Joe Fonda, Michael Jeffry Stevens, Harvey Sorgen.
Lisle Ellis Saco Yasuma, Shoshke-Rayzle, Albey Balgochian, Living Theatre Fay Victor, Dave Ross, Andre Martinez, Brian Groder, Albey Balgochian. Marshall Allen from the SunRa Arkestra. Charles Mingus and Mingus Min
 Steve Swell Nation of We Sabir Mateen, Albey Balgochian Michael Wimberley, Anders Nilsson, Albey BAlgochian, Jane Grenier B Brian Groder, Ken Filiano, Francois Grillot, Albey BAlgochian,  Jane Grenier, Shoshke-Rayzl, Gerard Faroux
Elliott Levin Lisle Ellis, bass and electronics Eric Zimmerman

Dedicated to the new arts in music, poetry & dance, these NYC artists will bring their vast experience
to your cultural event, loft party, business venue, or gallery opening.  
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Groove Music
Fragrance Free Shows Please

Amiri Baraka   1934-2014
Co-founder of the Black Arts Movement
of the 1960s and one of America's most
important literary figures.
His literary legacy lives on.

Roy Campbell   1952-2014
Trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, flute; composer, arranger, bandleader,
educator, writer, and actor.

Rest in Peace Friends   One Love
There is no death, only a change of worlds. Chief Seattle

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