Ras Moshe 

Ras Moshe: Born 3-22-68 in Brooklyn NY. Studied music in school as a child and with his father who played alto saxophone. His grandfather-Ted Burnett("Barnett" for professional reasons) played tenor and alto saxophones in the bands of Earl Bostic,Lucky Millender,Jimmy Mundy,Don Redman and many others. Although trained in earlier forms of "jazz", his preferred mode of improvisation is in the later or "free" developments of the music.
  Ras has been writing and reciting poetry since childhood. He definitely believes in the positive effect the new music will have on social and personal change. Ras plays Tenor and Alto saxes. He's been brushing up on the flute too. He really digs the tenor..an ancient sound. He's into the sound of the human voice...into it for real.
 Ras is known to have radical ideas(and will continue to),but,"ism's",ignorance and hate really bother him......awareness is very right on...this goes beyond what you call yourself. Ras is now a manhattan resident but visualizes Brooklyn constantly. This means Brooklyn is the prophecy that will fufill.
  To can get his recordings email him at rasmoshe AT yahoo.com
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